Innovation Theaters

October 8, 2021


10:05 AM Pacific

Clinical Trial Evidence for a CDK4/6 Inhibitor Combination Therapy Complemented by an Evaluation of Real-World Effectiveness

Speaker: Yuan Yuan, MD, PhD

Supported by: Pfizer


12:40 PM Pacific

A CDK 4 & 6 Inhibitor With Overall Survival Data for Women With HR+, HER2- Metastatic Breast Cancer, Including Those Likely To Do Worse © Lilly USA, LLC 2020. All rights reserved.

Speaker: Wassim McHayleh, MD, MBA, FACP

Supported by: Lilly


3:15 PM Pacific

Combining the HER2+ Breast Cancer Antibodies You Know in One Faster Mode of Administration

Speaker: Vijayakrish Gadi, MD, PhD

Supported by: Genentech

October 9, 2021


10:05 AM Pacific

The only once-daily oral maintenance therapy for all first-line platinum responders with advanced ovarian cancer, regardless of biomarker status

Speaker: Amina Ahmed, MD

Supported by: GSK


12:20 PM Pacific

Maintenance Therapy in Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Results From Key Clinical Trials

Speaker: John Chan, MD

Supported by: AstraZeneca


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